What does the word ORAH mean?

Why did we choose it?

'Orah' is the word in Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian for 'WALNUT'. We chose this name for a variety of reasons. Both as a tree and a fruit, the walnut (nux juglandacea) has great symbolic value and meaning in the Balkans.


Either on a sell or buy side, we advise members and outside clients in proper structuring of an M&A deal. Over the past years we gained valuable insight through advising deals in the South East Europe, from Slovenia to Macedonia. In our view and experience, we value overall business creation and seek realistic bipartisan synergy from the M&A activities. Certainly, we don't back off from hostile approaches, especially when our clients and stakeholders face loss of shareholder's value.

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We believe that continuous learning, knowledge and skills accumulation are fundamental for a true accomplishment. As we prefer to work in an environment relieved from traditional frameworks and boundaries, our knowledge focused events are prepared in a fairly informal club like setting. Topics that we recently covered are: Fraud and IT methods, VAT changes, and International trade facilitation.


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Our bookkeeping service is made for SMEs and start-up companies in Serbia. We provide quality and complete service to our clients in finance, accounting, business and tax consulting.


IT audit is the latest services in our offer.  We grew it from our strong knowledge base in accounting and IT.


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Pfizer walks away from $118 billion AstraZeneca takeover fight

LONDON/NEW YORK (Reuters) - Pfizer abandoned its attempt to buy AstraZeneca for nearly 70 billion pounds ($118 billion) on Monday as a deadline approached without a last-minute change of heart by the...

See you later? Slim Pfizer deal hopes prop up AstraZeneca

LONDON (Reuters) - Pfizer's chances of striking a deal to buy AstraZeneca in the coming days look vanishingly small, but the notion it could return later this year is propping up the British...

AstraZeneca rejects Pfizer's take-it-or-leave-it offer

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's AstraZeneca on Monday rejected a sweetened and "final" offer from Pfizer, puncturing the U.S. drugmaker's plan for a merger to create the world's biggest pharmaceuticals...

Pfizer raises bid for AstraZeneca to $117 billion

LONDON (Reuters) - U.S. drugmaker Pfizer said on Sunday it had raised its offer for British rival AstraZeneca to 69.3 billion pounds ($116.6 billion), or 55 pounds a share, and would walk away if...

Pfizer pledges to ringfence key new drugs in AstraZeneca deal

LONDON (Reuters) - Pfizer said it would ringfence the development of important drugs if it acquired AstraZeneca , rejecting a charge from the British company that a takeover would disrupt important...